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The Life Drop officially trademarked in March 2015 and formed Life Drop LLC. 

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Watch this demo Video to witness how Solid and Hard this material is, though can still act as a Liquid 

Flow Art is a revolutionary concept in the world of art and decoration. A piece of art that can be placed in your living room, apartment, vacation house, office, kitchen or desk, that is a constantly changing, colorfully dyed, originally designed sculpture. 

Flow Art differs from ordinary art by constantly changing day to day, month to month, and year to year, in appearance and shape, just like all of us. The Life Drop is always a conversation starter by the amazing concept of a solid hard glassy material that will shatter like glass, but can flow like a liquid. As the years go by your Life Drop will change over time, creating a strong relationship in remembering what it used to look like and great memories of that time period, making great gifts for weddings, new careers, graduation/college milestone occasions. ​

The Life Drop is specially made so that a droplet or droplets will be formed in a fraction of the time compared to the original experiment. So waiting 8-10 years to see this glassy hard solid move as a liquid is reduced to a few months. This is a scientific yet artistic approach to the World's Longest Running experiment, customized to any design and colors.

'Like Watching a Really Great Playoff'

Interviewed by The Wall Street Journal in Connection to the Famous Pitch Drop Experiment for A Front Page Article. Insightful mention as well as Headlining Quote


The Life Drop is based on the longest running experiment in the world, the Pitch Drop Experiment. The purpose of the Pitch Drop was to determine the liquid viscosity(resistance to flow) of black pitch tar as it flowed extremely slowly. Pitch resin is the second most viscous material to everyday glass materials, yet it flows like a very slow liquid. The link to original experiment is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pitch_drop_experiment. The current experiment has only formed 8 drops since 1927. No one has ever seen the original experiment drop fall in its history.​

The Life Drop concept and design is confidently supported by the knowledge obtained from two material science degrees: 

  • BS in Polymer & Fiber Chemistry (Clemson University)
  • Master's Degree in Material Science & Engineering (Clemson University) 
  • Current Color Chemist for Nike
  • 2011 Clemson Science As Art Winner

What is Flow Art?

Art Show Awards

2011 1st Place Science As Art Winner - Innovation Art Show Displaying Artist Views on Concepts in the Field of Science http://www.scienceasart.org

Life Drop Awards and Mentions

The Life Drop is an ever changing, brilliantly dyed three-dimensional sculpture that constantly moves over time through the power of gravity and the concept of viscosity. 

Over time, the solid, glassy-hard pitch resin material will flow as a liquid and create a hanging or flowing droplet. As the days go by, the solid material flows to form unique shapes and designs, which flow downward creating "Flow Art", as it is always moving and changing designs. 

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